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Month: July 2014

How to get started with Reddit

How to get started with Reddit

If you haven’t heard of reddit, reddit is a platform for sharing content such as news, posts and basically anything about almost every topic. The users of this site are the ones who make these content more or less visible to others by positive or negative voting it.

As I said, you can find content about almost anything that comes to your mind, and the way to organize it is called ‘subreddit‘. A subreddit is like a category created by a user, and can be as general as ‘Technology‘ or something super specific like photos of  ‘Dogs with cat heads’.

The first time that I went to reddit, I felt a little overwhelmed with so much information, and although I could go to any subreddit by simply searching for it in the search bar, that doesn’t seemed very practical to me. I wanted a more twitter-like experience.

Finally I decided to give it a second try and I signed up to reddit. Creating a user in reddit allows you to subscribe to any subreddit you like.  Then you have a few tabs like ‘hot’, ‘new’, ‘rising’, ‘controversial’ and others that help you read about all your interests altogether, without the need to go to different pages.

TIP: When you create a user in reddit you are automatically subscribed to several subreddits that you might not find interesting. I recommend you to first unsubscribe you to all these subreddits and then start subscribing to the ones you like.

So far, my experience in reddit is mainly positive, there’s a lot of content that I would probably never discover. And although, I don’t think reddit will replace Twitter as my first source of news and articles in the short term, its different approach and the amount of information in it deserves at least a try.

Arduino, clocks and EEPROM

Arduino, clocks and EEPROM

Hi there! It’s been a while since my last post.

Today I’m going to be writing about Arduino. In case you don’t know what Arduino is:

Arduino is a microcontroller used for sensing and controlling things in your environment. Its easiness of use and the fact that it’s open-hardware has made it very popular in the last years.

Right now I’m working on a couple of projects involving Arduino. You’ll know more about them in next posts.

For one of these projects I needed to have a clock in order to store when certain events happened. Luckily Arduino has a library for this purpose:

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