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Month: August 2014

Scraping a webpage using ruby

Scraping a webpage using ruby

Scraping a webpage using ruby is very easy.

First, install the ‘nokogiri’ gem by adding it to your gemfile or by executing the following command:

gem install nokogiri

Then, in your controller, open the webpage you want to scrap:

require 'open-uri'

page = Nokogiri::HTML(open(""))

Once you have opened the webpage, you are ready to access the content.

Given the following html:

<div class="term">
    <div class="word">Scraping</div>
    <div class="definition">is a technique of extracting information from websites</div>
<div class="term">

You can get the complete list of terms using the “search” method:

 terms ='.term')

 terms.each do |t|
     word ='.word').first.content
     definition ='.definition').first.content
     puts word
     puts definition

There are several other ways and methods to  help you scrap a webpage using nokogiri. Check the complete nokogiri tutorials to know more.


You can also get the working example from