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Month: September 2016

“The Design of Everyday things” Review

“The Design of Everyday things” Review

Hey there! After more than a year, I’m back with a new post.

Today I wanted to write a brief review about a book that I have recently read and that I enjoyed a lot. The book is called “The Design of Everyday Things” by Don Norman.

In case you don’t know about him, Don Norman is widely known by his research and advocacy in human-centered design. You might have heard of the “Norman doors”, term referred to poor designed doors, that people came up after Norman’s research in the topic.

The book explores how design help us understand the way things work. Sometimes we feel frustrated when we can’t make some products do what we want them to do. Norman argues that this is not the users fault but a poor design of the product.

The book uses concepts from psychology and common sense to explain what a good design stands for.

The interesting about the book is that it takes examples from different objects, products or situations; from everyday issues to problems related to highly sophisticated machines. Plus all of these concepts apply to everything, so instead of being a book addressed just to designers is a book for everybody. Worst case scenario you’ll start to appreciate the design of the things around you.