About Me

About Me

Hello there 👋 I’m Andrés, a Software Engineer from Uruguay 🇺🇾 I love developing all type of applications. I have been developing software since I’m 13 so I’m really passionate about it 🙂 I have experience with multiple programming languages. You can check all the details about my professional experience in my LinkedIn profile.


I’m also super into agile development. I love reading about it and putting it into practice so I can help my teams improve their ways of working. I really like working in teams that have positive work atmospheres and work in a sustainable way, where everybody can give their best.

I also worked as a Scrum Master in the past, so I love to share all my experience about it.

I currently live in the beautiful city of León, Spain.


One of my hobbies is going on hiking. Here in León there’s so much nature around, so it’s really easy to find nice trails very close to where I live. I also love music, cooking and learning new languages (apart from English that I’ve been studying since I’m 6, I’ve also been studying Italian and Japanese for the last 5 and 1.5 years, respectively). I love traveling, meeting new people and learning about new cultures.

I even started a meetup in León to have some drinks and meet new people.

Before moving to Spain I lived 6 years in Dublin, Ireland. Dublin is a city that I will always have in my heart, where I met amazing people and had such great experiences.


This website contains a little bit of information about me, my personal projects and my blog. Hope you like it! 🙂


You can also find me in:

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