Personal projects

Personal projects

  • CambiosUY


    Mobile app developed at the end of 2014 that helped users to check the foreign currencies prices in Uruguay.
  • Perdidos en el Tiempo

    Perdidos en el Tiempo

    Mobile game developed with Unity. Based on an Uruguay theme, this platform game follows the story of Kepé, a native living in what we call Uruguay Today, trying to help Clara who got trapped in the past. Currently available to download for Android.
  • Bike Tours Uruguay

    Bike Tours Uruguay

    Website for Bike Tours company in Uruguay. It was designed using WordPress + Jupiter Theme (with Visual Composer) and has multi-language support for Spanish, English and Portuguese.
  • Reciclalo


    Recicalo was a website for finding recycling centers in Uruguay. All the information is added by the users as well as open data sources. Developed in Ruby on Rails.
  • Montevideo Metro

    Montevideo Metro

    Simulation of a metro in Montevideo. The events are generated using Python and SimPy. The front end loads the events and displays an animation.
  • Github Zeitgeist

    Github Zeitgeist

    Github Zeitgeist is a Rails Web Application to show how different events changed what people coded in a certain period of time. It uses Github Archive ( and Google BigQuery ( to get the statistics.
  • ¿A quién votar?

    ¿A quién votar?

    Website for finding and sharing information about the 2014 General Elections in Uruguay. Developed in Ruby on Rails, it let users to add news and articles about the candidates from any source. Then you could filter by a certain candidate and find all the information about him or her.