Reciclalo: Finally it’s out!

Reciclalo: Finally it’s out!

For the last year I’ve been working on a project to build a web app to help people to find recycling centers in their city. The idea is simple, you choose what you want to recycle and the web app will show you where you can do it. You can also specify your address or use your current location (GPS)  so you can find the closest spots to you.

The data come from open data sources or can be added by the users. If any of the information is incorrect or inaccurate  you can report the spot explaining what’s the problem.

Finally, you can check the trends in the page, for example; top searches, top categories or even top searches that didn’t return any result.

The app was developed using Ruby on Rails and currently it’s only available for Montevideo (Uruguay), but the plan is to extend it to other cities.

Visit it on

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